A Tiger and His Tail

8″x10″ acrylic, 2010. I love getting specific instructions with a toy portrait assignment — then I know at least one thing about the painting might be just right! In this case, Jennifer told me that this stuffed tiger’s tail was of great importance, as her 2-yr-old Samantha likes to rub her face with it. Also, because Samantha always spoons the tiger at night, he would best be pictured from the side, as that is how she mostly sees him. The initial study for this painting was made before I got all that vital info — good thing Jennifer let me know! The tiger was purchased by when Sam was 7 months old by her “Mimi” (grandma) at FAO Schwarz in Las Vegas. Samantha just recently discovered that there are actually two tigers — one at Mimi’s and one at home! And in keeping with my recent inclination toward color-scheme tributes, this one seems to have recieved the Picasso Blue Period treatment.

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