Cool Mom Picks Best of 2010!!
“I think everything about Custom Toy Portraits is just magical. There’s no better way to preserve your child’s favorite stuffed friend–or even you own.” -Liz

“…in ten years when I look at this portrait I will collapse into uncontrollable weeping.”

“I love Jennifer’s style and I love the idea of capturing one or two of my child’s favorite objects — capturing a snapshot of their childhood — in a painting. Talk about an heirloom!”

“This would make such a great gift…There are lot’s of possibilities here…” —

“…Lately we can’t help but smile at the art on the walls. The current show includes a group of portraits of quirky, well loved, interesting toys…” —

“Preserving a much-adored childhood toy through art is such a lovely idea, and artist and Mother Jennifer Maher does it well.” —

“So sweet! Reasonable, too.” —

“We are in love with this idea!…the prices are really reasonable for original art…And they’re pretty, too! What better to hang in the nursery? What a smart gift!” —

“These paintings would look darling in your child’s room or nursery of a younger sibling.” –

“These affordable, beautiful creations make great decorations for a nursery or an inspired gift.”

“Through her custom paintings, Jennifer manages to capture the charm and uniqueness that makes these animals and toys so special to our children (and to us.)”

“A unique idea that we know brings happiness to her clients.”

“You don’t want to miss her website, which is full of charming likenesses”

“…Even when your tyke is ready to retire his trusted friend, he can always turn to a hand-painted version to calm his middle of the night fears.”

“I love these toy portraits…I want Maddie to have a memento.” – Melissa Summers,

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