Hop Hop

8″x10″ acrylic, 2011. This portrait features favorite childhood objects of both Penny-June and her mother, Kara-Leigh. Hop Hop, a well-worn Jellycat rabbit, belongs to the (adorably named!) Penny-June. Kara-Leigh suggested that Hop Hop be seated on a little wooden chair that was her own when she was small. I like the chiaroscuro lighting on Hop Hop, imbuing him with a bit of mystery… We’ll never know what goes on in that fuzzy head, which is down to its last whisker!

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2 thoughts on “Hop Hop

  1. We LOVE our portrait! OH, it’s just unbelievably amazing, we are just totally smitten with it. I should have probably also shared that Hop Hop was first seen at Harrod’s while I was still pregnant and one of my best friends, Shona, surprised me with it in our Christmas stocking, a few months before Penny June was born. So Shona Bunny joined the ranks of the many animals that lined PJ’s crib and ultimately became the favorite (and was renamed “Hop Hop”).

    Thank you again, what a wonderful wonderful idea this is!!!

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