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Did you know that if you or your child has lost a beloved toy, there are websites devoted to your search for a replacement? One such wonderful site which I recently stumbled upon is Plush Memories. This free service posts your photo and description and invites comments from anyone with helpful information. Of course I feel a real connection with the general sentiment behind preserving favorite toys, so I’ve been thoroughly enjoying perusing this site! The range of quirkiness and cuteness represented among the photos of the missing is beyond entertaining. I love painting wacky monkeys (as seen here and here,) and so I was amused to find these images posted:

And this, from a ridiculously funny and touching entry, is a DRAWING of a lost stuffed bunny:

And here’s the photo which originally provoked both my husband and me to simultaneoulsy jump up and shout “Choo Choo!” This tattered yellow… rooster? is identical to my daughter’s beloved stuffed chicken, as I mentioned in my last post.

In light of the recent string of tornados and floods, the folks at Plush Memories are making lost-toy searches for disaster victims a top priority. This site supports a good cause, and is so much fun to explore!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about us! We were successful in finding one lovie lost in the Joplin tornado, but we’ve had trouble connecting with the many families who could really use our help. I know their child has received donations of toys through the many disaster relief efforts, but nothing can possibly mean as much to them as a replacement of that “special” lovie they lost during these horrible storms.

    And yes, we definitely are Kindred Spirits!!

  2. Great idea! I’ve only recently gotten through the “miss my lost toys” stage (I guess I’m a slow grower!) and the website brings back many warm memories. If only the Plush Memories website were more readable it would have been even better.

  3. Hi, my name is Emma Rose. I’m 7. My mommy and I have posted a picture on the website Plush Memories. I lost my doll I call Sara. I’ve had her since I was born. She is my only doll. Mommy and I have searched for hundreds of hours online and every store for her or for one like her so we can find out who made her. We are hoping someone can tell us where to find my doll. She is wearing a pink gingham bonnet and has a puppy face on her chest. Her body is soft pink. Her face is vinyl with blue eyes. She’s all I want for Christmas. If anyone knows the manufactures information please email me at paperpetals@yahoo.com

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