Snoopy Blanket

8″x10″ acrylic, 2011. I must say that I’m stunned by this rather “antique” specimen of a blanket-head! I had thought the the blanket-with-a-head phenomenon was fairly recent, but this Snoopy was the childhood companion of a man who is now 30 years old! It’s just barely three-dimensional, its head and hands lying rather flatly against the blanket, so it’s not quite the literal hybrid of fully-formed stuffed animal and blanket that you find today. Susan commissioned this portrait for her son in honor of the upcoming birth of his first child!

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2 thoughts on “Snoopy Blanket

  1. i have this Snoopy! My mom had to replace the body on it several times. I am expecting my first child in July and desperately want to get them a Snoopy like the one pictured above. I am glad I am not the only child that loved this toy. I would love to find a similar one.

  2. Ha! It’s very cute and pretty unusual, I think! I suggest you try or and see if they can come up one! Oh, and of course, you can always purchase a print of this painting for your little one’s nursery! 🙂

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