Stuffed Bear/Real Cat Challenge

9″x12″ acrylic, 2009. This was a very tough asignment! As a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, Jonathan asked that I paint a portrait of her childhood teddy bear next to her beloved, recently deceased cat. In order to keep the project secret, Jonathan was only able to provide me with blurry, tiny photos of each of them. We had a couple of discussions about relative scale, and then I just dove in and did my best. I hope that what might have gotten lost in the details comes through in spirit!

One thought on “Stuffed Bear/Real Cat Challenge

  1. You did such a great job b/c I recognize that pot bellied bear. He still lives in my closet only he is all torn and flattened. They were a huge craze in about ’79 but later recalled due to something wrong with the stuffing. We just had mine restuffed b/c there was no way I could part with him.

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